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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    First I did a google search for "hockeykort" but there were no good swedish forums, so I tried again with "hockey cards"

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    I was first a member of Sports card Freaks but they don't have a big hockey group so I did a search on hockey forums and ended up here

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    i heard about it on sports card freaks.

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    I'm new to SCF. I found it through a search engine and im glad i did. For me, the hobby is all about fun and SCF certainly adds to it. I am def hooked and am certainly willing to be SCF's biggest advocate. Looking forward to meeting fellow collectors, reading more & contributing to more posts and starting to trade. Thanks to the SCF staff for all the work and time you all put in to the site.
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    my best friends' dad has been a member on here and about a year after he started using SCF he showed it to me and I decided to try it.
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    searching google for specific player cards I was looking for.

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    I did a google search for baseball sketch card forum to see where I could inform people of my returns from topps and see how the hobby is going because honestly I have had no clue for a few years.

    I love how well put together this place is.

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    Seems to be the common answer, but I simply googled "sports card forum."

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    We found this site by doing a Google search for "top baseball card forums"...we're glad we did!
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