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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    I just found you guys doing a card search but then i remembered a long time about about the site and just forgot about you. glad im back and hope things work out on trades.

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    I was browsing through one of the many card collecting blogs I have bookmarked when I came across the term TTM, I was curious what the term meant especially since it involved obtaining autographs, so I punched in TTM on google and came across this site! :)

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    Hello everybody out there,
    I recently registered here because I was told that there might be some cards here that I am still looking for and because this one of the biggest card collecting communities on this planet.

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    I found SCF by doing a Google search for sports cards.

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    was google searching a specific set of auto'd cards and someone's post on SCF was one of my top results

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    I went to Google and typed in "Sports Cards Forums". Never heard of it before that.

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