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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    Question How did you Find SCF ?

    The SCF team would like to know how you found SCF.
    This will give SCF a better idea on where we get our
    members and how to promote SCF in the future.

    1) Did a SCF member refer you here?
    2) Did you find us through a search engine (google, yahoo, etc.)?
    3) Did you hear somebody from youtube mentioning SCF?
    4) Did members from other trading sites refer you here?
    5) Did you hear about SCF from somebody/somewhere else?


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    I was googleing a site to trade cards on and found this as a very recommended site.

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    Hi my name is Jud. I am new to SCF. I stated doing my research on how to T.T.M. which lead me to a youttube video, that guy set up a website, the autographnetwork, I visited his page, he had some links of other people and sites that have address's for T.T.M.'s and here I am! Now that we have that out of the way, I want to say that this site is awesome! I've definitly been bitten by the T.T.M. bug and this site is hands down the best I've seen in the T.T.M./Autograph community.

    Before I discovered T.T.M.'s, I never knew I could spend $50 so easy on stamps. lol

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    I found this site in a very roundabout way- I was doing a google search for best baseball signers ttm, and I found a site/article where a guy listed the "5 Best TTMers" or something. He listed Joe Mauer and Cal Ripken, Jr., among those that always replied, and somebody left a comment saying he was full of it and saying 'go to Sports Card Forum, look at TTM Manager, and look at the response results...'

    I've collected TTMs, off and on, for a few years. Started mainly with older Dallas Cowboys, but expanded to baseball and a few celebrities. My favorite successes probably come from the cast of Dexter.

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    google sports cards or anything to do with them, and this site comes up a lot

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    I heard about this site at my Local Card Shop. I am glad to be here, and learning about this site and its members!

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    I have always been interested in baseball card collecting and i was searching on the internet to see if there was a good website to sell/buy/trade because i want to be more active in this hobby in 2013.unfortunately,i do not have a scanner for now but i anticipate having 1 soon.meanwhile i figure i would "get my feet wet" by scrolling through the site and trying to learn as much as possible from members and the site itself.i would like to know how feasible or not it would be to actually make a living out of selling.buying/trading if i were to really get active with it once i get my scanner.i know that this is a very general question but any feedback would be much appreciated.thank you!

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    Someone on the 49ers message board posted his success sending Andy Lee a jersey to get signed TTM and mentioned this site.

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