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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    5) Did you hear about SCF from somebody/somewhere else?
    I was reading an article about the lack of kids in the hobby today and saw a comment about SCF. I decided to check it out.

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    My manager, hes a member, not sure what his username is though.

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    Found this site from a search engine. I collected many years ago and now that I have kids I want to get a collection going for them.

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    "BING" broght me to SCF. I'm a newbie and just recently started collecting again. Have been a guest multiple times to this site and just enjoyed reading. Took the leap yesterday and looking forward to actively participating. Let me apologize in advance if I screw up.

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    I found this site while looking for videos of people opening packs/boxes of sports cards on youtube. After watching a couple videos, I learned about TTM's and have been addicted to collecting sports cards and autographs ever since!
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    I found this site first by going to the TTM address database. I found out about the database on Sal's Hockey Autographs.

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    Search engine looking for more avenues to sell and trade cards

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    I found this forum using a search engine, but have also heard from other people mentioning this forum before.

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