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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    Google "sports card forums" and surprising enough, I found this site!

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    Someone on blowout mentioned SCF and since I didn't know what SCF stood for I googled "SCF sports cards" and you were the top hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by avstars View Post
    Hmm, this thread looks familiar, lol.

    Anyway, I found SCF through listening to mailday videos from youtube. The most common trade sites I heard were SCF, The Bench, and Trading Card Central.
    same here

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    Just getting back in the hobby. Went to the Beckett boards and imo they went downhill a ton since I last visited them. Searched in google for sports card forums.

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    I got sent a link to a thread here about fake auto's (autopenned?) in some products. So I just joined up.

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    From Hobbykings to SCF

    A member I do some trading and general discussions/fantasy football with on HobbyKings (cowboysrgr8) sent me here after rjchen's Hakeem Nicks Ultimate Collection RC AUTO 1/1 for my PC. The site looks great, I don't have a ton of time but I try and get onto the sites at least twice a week and it looks like this is a great site. Thanks for the invite and hope you have a great day,

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    I did a Google search looking for sports card collecting forums

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    I'm with the last post, I stumbled upon this gem by Google searching for sports card forums. I am really exited to trade my football and basketball cards to people who collect them in exchange for pre-1973 HOF/star cards in high quality. I am a die hard Giants fan as well so any Big time timmy jim or buster will also be a big hit! Basically I am new to the hobby and can't wait to use this as a resource.

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    Found the site randomly searching for anything related to selling hockey cards as I recently started selling cards and was looking at other places people might go to find them. Great site, good people. Hope no one minds another card freak around!!
    Want list - Kadri cards

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