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Thread: How did you Find SCF ?

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    I found it through a search engine. Once I saw what was here I became a viewer. Today I became a member.

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    I heard about it from members of cravetheauto.com page on facebook.

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    I was actually referred a couple years ago during the mass exodus from " THE SITE THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED" However, due to some personal/professional issues at the time, and, quite frankly, because the site back then seemed to be sorely lacking, I joined but wasn't active at all! Flash forward to not a couple months ago, and I found SCF through a search engine, and joined up, not realizing I was already a member! Been very active, enjoying the odd trade while getting my inventory sorted, and loving the camaraderie from the various members!
    Always looking for Senators cards! Must be a draft pick, or the card is identifiable as a Senators card before I want it!

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    Google sports trading that's how I found this place

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    I found this forum through a yahoo search. I haven't collected baseball cards since I was a kid.I have collected a few non sprots card sets over the years. I've started with the Topps 2017 series 1. And have been enjoying it a great deal.I also hope to get back some of the cards I had as a kid.

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