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    SCF Official Review: 2010/11 Panini Classics

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Panini for providing us with this box.

    18 packs per box
    8 cards per pack
    Current Retail Price (online): 74.99 - 84.99

    Product Description

    - 2 Autographs (including 1 Autographed Rookie #'d/699 or less) and 2 Memorabilia Cards per Box
    - At Least 1 Legend (#'d/999) per Box
    - At Least 12 Inserts per Box

    - Find at least one of these Autographs per case: Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, Bill Walton, Brandon Jennings, TyrekeEvans, Amar'e Stoudemire, John Wall
    - Look for at least one on-card Autographed Rookie (#'d to 699 or less) per box!
    - Significant Signatures (#'d to 99 or less) feature the ink marks of current stars and some prime -time players from the past
    - Classic Combos Jerseys Prime feature prime swatches of materials from some of the game's great duos
    - Back by popular demand: Blast from the Past Signature Jerseys (#d to 25 or less)
    - 180-Card Base Set includes 100 Commons, 40 Legends (#'d/999), 40 Autographed Rookies (max #'d/699)


    Base: 100/100 (100%)
    Dupes: 27
    Legends /499 (1): Michael Finley
    Timeless Tributes Silver /250 (1): Robert Horry
    Timeless Tributes Platinum /25 (1): David West

    Blast From The Past (5)
    Classic Combos (1)
    Classic Moments (1)
    Classic Greats (1)
    Classic Greats Gold /100 (1): Artis Gilmore (001/100)
    Dress Code (2)

    Luke Babbitt Auto /699

    Patrick Patterson Auto /449

    Membership Scottie Pippen Jersey /499

    Membership David West Jersey /499


    Base - 5/5
    Design - 4/5
    Fun - 4/5
    Value - 4.5/5
    Rebuy - 4/5

    Total - 21.5/25 (86%)

    Year in and year out, Classics strive to merge the old and the new. While there are 100 cards devoted to veterans in the base set, there are also 40 legends and 40 rookies that comprise the master base set. The Legends are numbered to 999 and the rookies are autographs numbered to 699 or less. The base cards are designed so that even a myopic person knows the jersey number of the player featured on the front. Getting a complete veteran set is always a plus!

    Do you enjoy putting various sets within a set together? Then this is for you. Classics has five insert sets and there are parallel versions to hunt as well. On top of that, each box yields 2 autographs (one guaranteed to be a rookie) and 2 relics on average. There is a nice of mix of players within these confines, from retired to rookies.

    All in all, Classics delivers on what you would expect the name to imply. Though I am hard-pressed to agree with what constitutes a "Legend" in the eyes of Panini. If it's just a general term to refer to a retired player, then just use "Retired". To me, Legend refers to those individuals who were a household name when they actively playing. Take that minor part away, Classics is an enjoyable product with a lot to offer to all the various types of collectors. Each pack contains some sort of bonus outside of base and that just doesn't happen much anymore.

    Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at Panini for giving us the opportunity to open and review this release. For more information on all their products, visit them today at
    Hidden Content , Working on Hidden Content For Charity

    Hidden Content - 120/140 (85.7%), Hidden Content - 107/271 (39.5%)


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    Classics isn't bad in my opinion. And I completely agree with the Legend/Retired names thing. Not only are some of these players not Legends for the definition of the word, older names of players who are just "Retired" have been in every brand. These players weren't that big for their time and I would much rather have a semi-star of today's game. Classics should be the brand that has these "Retired" players though as it is....classic.

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    I just cant agree with those ratings, sorry, but the value should be 2/5, a rebuy? really? however the design is fantastic, new, and fresh.

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