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Thread: anyone need card pages?

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    I need some. What kind are they and how many? Also how much $?

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    not to rid rookie of any business but if you need card pages Yankee Pride gave me a good dela awhile back but I dont know if he has anymore or not.... I got 100 pages for $5.....

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    I was gonna buy a box of Ultra Pro Platinum 9 pocket pages for like $11 but hey if I can get them cheaper. I'm also looking for the single pocket ones you can put magazines in. I only like the Ultra Pro products though.

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    rookiecards are they the 9 pocket ones. i need some of those. let me know.

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    i need about 10 but if you just have a box and don't want to break it i will get that many.

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    i dont know what is a fair price, i have over 100 of them , one box of 50 k & m which dont look very high quality, then like 60 pro ultra sheets and some rotman or something like that.

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