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Thread: Ron Dayne Game Used Jersey...

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    Ron Dayne Game Used Jersey...

    I have a 2001 UD Vintage Threads Ron Dayne g/u jersey for sell or trade.

    I will sell it for $3.00 shipped


    I will trade it for Falcons or make an offer.

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    Hey man.. ill trade ya 15 dollars or so bv in vick cards for it. I do have it but i could use it to trade for other daynes in return that i dont have


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    Prophet, DTrain is my brother but his username is down right now. He will definately trade you the Dayne for $15.00 worth of Vick Cards.

    PM Me your address and I will reply with his address.

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    Hey cbet

    I would prefer to hear it from him if you dont mind. To ME it seems a bit weird that you would offer your brother cash for that card when it coulda been talked over VIA email or phone.

    thnx but I would prefer that. Unless he gets a better deal i will wait till then


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