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    Sports Illustrated for Kids Sports Cards

    I have a few 1990 sports ill. for kids sports cards and was wondering if they are worth any thing or not. Some of the players include barry bonds, ken griffey jr., emmitt smith, joe montana, michael jordan, etc. They are not in their original sheet form. Any input would be great. Thanks, BC26

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    I've only heard bits and pieces about which ones are worth squat.. I've been able to search a good deal of the SIFK on Beckett online price guide.. but seems like ONLY the RC year is worth anything.. Drob for example is only worth 5 bucks but.. I know.. a guy that wants it.. not sure if its in your collection there... good luck with that though

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    What are the numbers of the cards and i have a price guide for all sports illustrated for kids cards

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    thanks for all the help everyone. i think maybe some are from 1990 and some from 1991. How do i tell for sure what year. There are numbers in the lower right hand side of the card. For example the Emmitt Smith card has 9/91. Does that mean month and year? Let me know any other info and if someone is interested in them. some of the card and numbers are as follows:

    Emmitt smith 295
    Derrick Thomas 291
    Joe montana 168
    Jim kelly 3
    Harold (Red) Grange 322
    Jim Thorpe 320
    Michael Jordan 4
    Wilt Chamberlain 208
    Reggie Miller 145
    Bill Russell 323
    Rafael Palmeiro 268
    Mark McGwire 146
    Jackie Robinson 212
    Babe Ruth 216
    Ken Griffey jr 158
    Barry Bonds 229
    Ty Cobb 321

    Thanks, BC26

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    The only example of a SI for Kids card thats extremely valuable that I can think of is the 1996 Tiger Woods one. I believe a while ago someone sold a PSA 10 for 12 grand... this is what they are going for now:

    A few years ago I sold a ungraded (would not have graded too well) one for $125.

    Sorry, thats probably not a lot of help to you but I just thought it was an interesting little thing of information.


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