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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall658 View Post
    I wouldn't risk it. He used to be automatic with the Thrashers, but I've only seen him sign once or twice since going to Boston and both took a long time. Not worth the chance.
    Okay then I won't risk it. Don't wanna lose that card..

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    I've had a few returns since the last time I updated on here as well as my first 2 spring training returns! Puts me at 2 for 26 so far in the early going. Also sent out two more to ST today and I might send out a couple more early next week. Kinda glad I'm limiting myself this year after sending 60+ last season.

    Mikael Backlund 2/2 c/o Calgary Flames in 36 days
    Nice return from the young Flames' center. He was a first round pick in 2007 and has put up solid numbers so far in his career.

    Anthony Bass 2/2 c/o Padres ST in 9 days
    Great return from the young Padres starter. I became a big fan of this guy last season when I got to see him pitch in my first trip to Petco Park. He had a great start against Texas before getting pulled due to injury, even had 2 RBIs and a stolen base.

    Will Middlebrooks 1/1 c/o Red Sox ST in 9 days
    WOW! Awesome return from the Sox 3rd baseman of the future. This kid is a stud and I'm so stoked to add him to my collection. Heck of a way to start off my ST returns.
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    Thank God I sent to Middlebrooks!!!!! Gives me huge hope!!! Card looks great.
    I graph the Lansing Lugnuts (Toronto Blue Jays A) and am taking 50/50's

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    Awesome Middlebrooks, really like the Backlunds too

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    Love the Middlebrooks that looks great!
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    Sweet Middlebrooks - that's a great rookie card!

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    Thanks guys. Definitely was a heck of a way to start off my spring with that Middlebrooks card. Hopefully I start seeing more show up next week. I've officially capped my ST send outs at 30 after sending a few today. I just feel more confortable with a round number I guess haha.

    Anyway, 4 returns today to end the week.

    Quintin Berry 1/1 c/o Tigers ST in 10 days
    Great return from the Detroit outfielder. I was so glad he finally made the bigs last season after watching him a few years back with my local minor league team. He has a knack for making highlight reel catches and coming up with clutch hits or steals. Hope he sticks with the Tigers as a 4th OF.

    Shea McClellin 1/1 c/o Chicago Bears in 176 days
    Nice return from the Bears' 2012 first round pick (19th overall). He battled injuries in his rookie season but still had his first career sack on Aaron Rodgers.

    Austin Collie 2/2 c/o Indianapolis Colts in 453 days
    Wow. Never thought I was gonna see these again haha. I'm guessing he caught up on his mail after being told he wouldn't be re-signed by the Colts last week. Really hope he gets a shot somewhere because he's fun to watch when he's healthy.

    Jacob Trouba 1/1 c/o University of Michigan in 49 days
    Awesome return from the Winnipeg Jets' top defensive prospect and 2012 9th overall pick. He looked fantastic in the 2012 Wold Juniors for the gold medal Team USA. He's gonna be a stud in the NHL very soon, no doubt in my mind.
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    I also just realized that with those four successes today I have officially hit exactly 1000 TTM returns since I started collecting in April 2010! Very cool to finally hit that milestone. Took me 1049 days, so I average a little less than 1 TTM a day, which isn't surprising considering how few I sent out my first year in comparison to the last two haha.

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    Four ST returns to start off my week. I also picked up some awesome certified prospect cards of Hoby Milner (2012 Phillies 7th rounder), Jeremy Martinez (2013 top prospect), and a bunch of 2012 1st rounders in Patrick Wisdom (Cardinals), Lucas Sims (Braves), Stryker Trahan (D-Backs), and an awesome Tyler Naquin (Indians) which I like so much I definitely wanna show it off haha.

    And here are my TTMs

    Justin Maxwell 1/1 c/o Astros ST in 12 days
    Really nice return from the Astros centerfielder. He has all the size, power, and athleticism to be an absolute beast, but he hasn't been able to put it all together.

    Patrick Corbin 1/1 c/o D-Backs ST in 12 days
    Great return from one of Arizonas' young pitchers. He has nice stuff and a ton of potential. Hope he can build off his solid rookie season.

    Tom Layne 1/1 c/o Padres ST in 11 days
    Nice return from the San Diego reliever. He did really well in his short time in the bigs last season, posting 26 Ks in 16.2 IP while only walking 3 and allowing 9 hits.

    Johnny Hellweg 1/1 c/o Brewers ST in 6 days
    Great from the Brew crew's big righty prospect. He came over in the Greinke trade and just has overpowering stuff.

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    Love the Maxwell! I'm sending to him as soon as I get some money. I agree he has all the tools but he's struggled to be consistent and strikes out too much. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets traded this year sometime, since he doesn't seem to be in their long-term plans
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