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    Great stuff you got there, amazed at everything you have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chajones View Post
    alifaxwa did the custom. I'm not sure if he is on here specifically but definitely on that other board.
    Thanks for the plug! Glad you and everyone else like that cut. That was one of the first ones I ever made!
    Here is my original scan of the front and back, Chris, grab it for your files;

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    Got it buddy. For me next month will be the update of all updates - something special guaranteed!

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    OK, since there is a break between items, I'm going to go ahead and show off a few pieces. Some NICE RARE stuff here.

    First up is a 2 more programs from the 1946 Steeler's season which I have previously mentioned was Bill's MVP season. This brings me to 6 of the 11. The first is Steelers Vs Redskins. It is in excellent condition!

    But the Steelers/Skins program looks like a rag compared to this Steelers vs Boston Yanks program which is nothing short of immaculate:

    It makes me happy to have found it in this condition. It is pretty rare. I have only seen one more for sale. It's on ebay right now and the the BIN is $210 + shipping and it is missing about 1/8th of the cover - having been ripped off. So I am glad he never accepted any of my "low-ball" offers!

    Next up is something that would usually be the highlight of a monthly post for me. After all this time, the 2008 National Treasures Platinum Parallel is mine. Another true 1/1

    And all three together: /99, /5, /1

    And finally, at least for me, a piece of football history. Just after retiring from football (for good), Bill took an assistant coaching position with UVA for the 54 and 55 seasons. During that tenure Mr. Harry Grayson, a famous sportswriter was the writer of a nationally syndicated column and head of the NEA or Newspaper Enterprise Association - a similar group to the AP that selected all pro teams in multiple sports. Grayson wrote several books along with hundreds of columns. Apparently in 1955 he wrote Bill inquiring about a series of articles he was writing entitled "The play I should have called". This is the response letter from Bill. I wanted to track down a copy of the article but newspapers going back to 1955 are not easy to access online. I will go down to the library one day and dig out the microfiche!

    But for now, here is another true 1/1 (on UVA letterhead to boot!):

    Let me know what you guys think! I am thrilled!
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    Let me know when you start posting the good stuff.

    Just kidding great stuff as usual. I love finding the oddball stuff and the low # cards.

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    Well Tom we can't all have a super collection of the greatest athlete to ever walk the Earth but this is good stuff for me! LOL

    Appreciate it. The next post won't be as good in terms of history - but it will right a wrong!

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    Very nice adds, as seems to be the norm lately! That NT 1/1 would normally be the cornerstone for someone's collection, but not yours... Congrats my man!
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    Thank you buddy. They are all treasures to me!

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    Well, this is the only Bill Dudley card made by Panini in 2012. And when I say ONLY, I mean ONLY!


    And if anyone is curios as to how many 1/1s that makes... I don't know. Lost count. I'll have to go back and count them lol
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