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Thread: Can somebody help me please???

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    Can somebody help me please???

    Got my answer.

    Thanks all.
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    This is off the rules page, "Confirmed deals may be put into dispute status after 14 business days of it being confirmed. Do not leave feedback for a deal until the dispute MOD tells you to. If you have more than 1 dispute filed against you at a time then you will be given a No Buying/Selling/Trading tag until all of your current all deals (confirmed open deals) are completed. Then the tag will be removed. Failure to follow the rules only slows down the dispute process and the time it takes the dispute MOD to work your case.".

    If the deal has been more than 14 business days I would dispute the trade.

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    Someone from the Dispute Team will contact you. Just hang in there...
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    You are going to be fine. They really take care of you in here and they are good at taking care of this.

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    Thanks everyone. Mods you can lock this.

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