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    Which movie did you just watch?

    Just curious to know what movies you guys have watched recently. These can be movies in theaters, on dvd, or on tv.

    recent movies:

    Million Dollar Baby
    First Blood
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    war of the worlds = really freakin awesome
    fantastic 4 = real good, 8/10 but it ends abruptly sorta

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    The most recent first:

    War Of The Worlds
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    Batman Returns
    The Longest Yard
    Revenge Of The Sith
    (I have the pre-release raw version on DVD)

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    Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The flick was much better than I had anticipated. Provided a lot of laughs and some decent action.

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    War of the Worlds (loved it)
    Fantastic 4 (loved it)
    Sin City (could have lived without seeing it)
    Revenge of the Sith (now my life is complete)

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    War of the Worlds(Pretty good)
    Revenge of the Sith(Ok)
    Cinderella Man(Really Good)
    Longest Yard(Hilarious)

    25th Hour(Really Liked it)
    Hostage(Not bad)

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    theatre: Fantastic 4

    Johnny Dangerously
    Young Frankenstien
    Down Periscope
    Willy Wonka

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    Just saw The Ref with Denis Leary and Second Hand Lions wasn't bad.

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