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    Which movie did you just watch?

    Just curious to know what movies you guys have watched recently. These can be movies in theaters, on dvd, or on tv.

    recent movies:

    Million Dollar Baby
    First Blood
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    i felt in an action mood tonight

    Rambo 2
    Rambo 3
    Red Dawn

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    I just watched Cursed and Alone in the Dark. Both were terrible movies. In fact I turned off Alone in the Dark. Suspect Zero and Birth were also very crappy!!!


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    I'm on a bad movie streak....

    XXX State of the Union (awful)
    Taxi (terrible)
    Constantine (odd)

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    Fantastic 4 (not bad actually)
    Revenge of the Sith (for the 4th time...i can die happy)

    on dvd/tv:
    The Forgotten (i liked it...but then again i like weird stuff)
    Constantine (strange...yet cool to some extend...but like I said,i like odd stuff)
    The Pacifier (loved it)
    The Kid
    Clone Wars (ok so its not a movie but give me a break im obsessed with Star Wars)
    The Notebook

    being housebound gives you the opportunity to watch a lot of movies...I've also watched the entire first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,and the season 6 finale a few times as well...

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    Theater last weekend I watched Dukes of Hazzard & Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo.

    Last DVD I watced was Sin City (Great Movie, IMO)

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    The last 5 movies I have watched :

    Weekend at Bernies (that just cracks me
    Charlies Angels (the series pilot for the show....not the more recent movies)
    Stepford Wives (newer one)
    Leap of Faith

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Mario Manningham, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    Just saw Bad News Bears this past week, absolutely hilarious.

    If you like Billy Bob Thornton's typical character then you need to see it.

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    Deuce Bigalo European Gigalo has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I saw it last week, and I barely laughed at all. I mean, some of the scenes were corny humor, but most of it was just stupid.

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