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    Ted - F.N. Awesome. Because of how narration was set up at the beginning of the movie you would think that this was a serious story. I bit raunchy but in a cute way.

    Rock Of Ages - If I knew it was a musical I would have not gone to this one. The Last Air Bender was better than this. Sheesh!

    The Dark Knight Rises - it's actually a more "peaceful" but good story with a twist. Yay Catwoman!

    Brave - this is a good family movie, if your child can actually understand the accent. If they can understand the way Jar-Jar speaks, then they should have no problem with this movie.

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    Speed 2 - one of my favorite movies!!

    Dark Knight Rises - One of the best movies i have EVER SEEN!! Will get it on BR, DVD, even VHS if that is still available to buy haha!

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    Just saw Contagion (2011) Would not recommend this movie to anyone.

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    Never watched the full trilogy of the Lord of The Rings so I decided to try and watch one each night. Pretty good movies.

    The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring Directors Cut
    The Lord of The RIngs: The Two Towers Directors Cut

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    I finished The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King

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    The Hunger games - Good movie, a bit confusing at times, but i really liked it! B+!

    Project X - not alot to say except for AAAWESOME! Loved it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rybowski View Post
    Watched Bourne Ultimatum.
    Love those movies!

    Watched Saving Private Ryan yesterday. not much to say about that one . A+!

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