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    Quote Originally Posted by ajbraves25
    Go see Transformers.

    I just got home from the premiere of Transformers the Movie. And WOW!! Michael Bay hit a homerun here. Amazing special effects and awesome action. And for you car lovers, there are some bad hot rods in this movie as well. Story was really good, not completely the correct origin, but very close. I totally recommend this flic! The door was left wide open for part two. Even if you don't like Transformers, it is still an excellent movie. The theater was cheering more than once and got a big ovation at the end. Numerious shots of humor thrown in as well. As for action I give it a 10.
    The CGI is like nothing I have seen before. I remember telling a buddy at work about how the Matrix changed the way movies were made and will be made. Well I believe we have a new king of the mountain. Out of this world graffix and effects. As for action...there will not be a movie this year to even get close enough to sniff let alone rival Transformers. Don't go into this movie expecting to see Gone with the Wind. If you want to have a good time at the movies here is your ticket. Megan Fox was great and talk about some eye candy. Shia Labeouf has just broken out and will be a name more people know of from now on. Go see this movie. Check it out!!

    I am. Really hyped up for the movie. Turns out I own most of Bay's films on dvd already. Watched them all in prep for Transformers.

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    Well it will have to impress me action wise since I seen Live Free or Die Hard over the weekend and it is the best action movie I have seen in along time. Also had its moments that made you laugh.

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    Just watched Live Free or Die Hard. Best action flick I have seen in a while. Bruce, he's still got it. Most of the stunts were insane but yet still totally believeable. I'm just glad that they stuck by the franchise and made another die hard film worthy of it.

    Next I'mma see transformers

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    Just saw "The Last King of Scotland". Wonderful performance by Forrest Whittaker...
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    A great action movie. The CGI in this movie is probably the best of any movie out there. Lots of comedy early in the movie too. My only gripe about the movie is a few of the action scenes...too many humans involved (not enough dying lol) and some of the robot fights were brief.

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    AWESOME, I felt like I was 12 years old again.
    It had everything, good acting, great action, comedy, and one smoking hot babe in Fox!!

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    i ditto everthing said about transformers, i was floored way better thn anything i expected

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    Night of the living dead ( Old but a really good movie)
    2 (Hillarious)

    War of the worlds (awesome)
    shrek 3 (sucked)

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    Just got back from Ratatouille. Yeah...
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