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    Which movie did you just watch?

    Just curious to know what movies you guys have watched recently. These can be movies in theaters, on dvd, or on tv.

    recent movies:

    Million Dollar Baby
    First Blood
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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward
    Just got back from Ratatouille. Yeah...


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    Blood of My Brother-

    Documentary about a family living in Iraq after a family member is killed by an American patrol. Documents their feelings and struggles after their tragic loss. Also shows footage of American soldiers in a late night raid and some vehicles in combat. Documentary also covers the lives of other Iraqis that are impacted by the war.

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    Transformers!!! By far, the best movie this year. Maybe even this decade!!!!

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    Pan's Labyrinth

    A very good film. Its an adult fairy tale played out during a war with the main character being a young girl. But there is plenty of violence in the plot. You get a mix of reality and fantasy. Keep in mind the movie is in Spanish and will have English subtitles.

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    i just saw blades of glory again, i think it gets better every time i see it.

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    I watched Wrong Turn on FX today. Was odd to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingfan101
    I watched Wrong Turn on FX today. Was odd to say the least.

    If it was edited, you missed one Hell of a ride. That movie is crazee!!!

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    Just watched Hostel today. I thought it was a great movie.


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    Honestly, not sure. It was a decent movie, pretty weird though. Lol.

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    Just got back from the Theatre where we watched Transformers

    I thought the show was awesome , amazing what computers can do now everything looked so real.


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