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    Land of the Dead was Awesome. I love zombie movies, and not the cheesy ones where the zombies talk, that's just ridiculous, but good ones, like Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead, etc.

    BTW I saw Bewitched and House of Wax today. Bewitched sucked, definantly one of Will Ferrell's worst, if not his worst.

    House of Wax was pretty cool, kinda drawn out, but still pretty cool.

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    Stars Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith

    still good, but didn't hold up well compared to the first two times

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    did I already say this?
    not much combat though

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    Watched War of the Worlds and The Honeymooners Tuesday. WOTW was pretty good, even though I don't like Tom Cruise, the Honeymooners was decent, not the best, but decent.

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    kinda a war movie nut:

    band of brothers dvd set(just bought it and man was it worth every penny)
    shawshank redemption(best movie ever!!!!)
    american history x
    antowan fisher

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    Just watched the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, overall, didnt think it was very good. Kinda hard to follow, good acting and visuals as usual. Storyline was kinda bad, and directing was poor. Still worth the money I paid to see it. Overall Id give it a C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeLonghorn
    Pitch Black
    Chronicles of Riddick
    I heard crash was good or atleast powerful?
    how was it?]
    liar liar, B-, overacting

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