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    Watched Evan Almighty again.
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    Looper: C+/B-
    Had some brilliant parts.
    Although afterwards it felt like I had watched a 3-4 movie trailer mix.

    The Bourne series:
    *The Bourne Identity & The Bourne Supremacy- A's
    *The Bourne Ultimatum & The Bourne Legacy- Bee's
    And felt each did a solid job of keeping you in the movie till the end.

    Lastly, a Showtime series.. The Borgias season I & II Pretty good for Historical Fiction, definitely worth a flier.
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    I watched Mean Girls last night.

    Grade - B+

    I clearly had nothing better to do
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    Was bored earlier today and watched We Bought A Zoo.
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    Ted again for the 5th time...Ed

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    Thinking of seeing Flight this weekend.
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    The Cabin In The Woods..Ed

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    Watched Abduction on netflix today.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Grade: B
    At times slow, but great tribute to the franchise

    Chernobyl Diaries
    Grade: B-
    The setting is perfect for a horror movie, but didn't live up to it's full potential.
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