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    Which movie did you just watch?

    Just curious to know what movies you guys have watched recently. These can be movies in theaters, on dvd, or on tv.

    recent movies:

    Million Dollar Baby
    First Blood
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengoblin782 View Post
    Bad Teacher: C
    I loved that movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by avstars View Post
    Chernobyl Diaries
    Grade: B-
    The setting is perfect for a horror movie, but didn't live up to it's full potential.
    I thought it was decent despite lots of bad reviews. I would love to go there.

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    Star Wars Episode 6 from 1983...what a cheesy movie. Not bad but wow.

    And watching a movie called Net Worth from 1995, dramatization of the formation of the NHLPA in 1956. 4th CBC produced hockey movie I'm watching, enjoyed all of them.

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    Lincoln: A
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    Just watched The Smurfs.
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    Foot Loose (2011)
    30 Minutes Or Less
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    The Dark Knight Rises.
    It was fantastic, but something about it is bothering me, and I can't really tell what.

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    Ted A++ love McFarlane

    Lincoln A+

    Savages B+ salma hayek is smoking
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    Watched Ted a few days ago. Wished I went to see it in the theater.
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