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    espy awards for anyone who missed it

    best championship preformance: curt schilling

    best breakout athlete : dwayne wade

    best record breaking performance : peyton manning

    best coach : bill belichick

    best male olympic athlete : michael phelps

    best female olympic athlete : usa womens softball team

    best golfer : tiger woods

    best baseball player : albert pujols

    best female college athlete : kat osterman

    best boxer : bernard hopkins

    best male athlete with a disabiliyt : ?? shirley

    best bowler : someone jr

    best moment : reggie miller

    best comback : mark fields

    best driver : michael shumacher

    best something or other : some surfer chick with a hard name to spell

    best tennis player : maria sharapova

    best game : yankees / red sox alcs

    i tihnk i missed a few or got some of the categorys a little off......they did them so fast...


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    Didn't really agree with the Wade decision, wasn't a huge breakout considering he was already well known and very talented previously.

    Would have liked to see Sharapova or Danica Patrick win it, both came out of nowhere and made an impact on their sport.

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    i also would have liked to sharapova win it......but not many fans follow tennis and the awards are voted upon by the fans


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    haahah matthew perry is too funny.....the hoosiers thing was good but the intro to the show def made me piss my pants


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    i stopped updating cause they were throwing out like ten at once and i couldnt follow it...sorry everyone


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    Roethlisberger should have won breakout performance of the year no one saw that coming.patrick hasnt won crap, wade was already established .Sharapova would have been an ok. but tennis does not compare to football.see everyone back on the big ben bus in about 3 months.

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