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    Anyone here from MN that'd like to go to Rockfest next month?

    Our ride backed out!!!
    So now we have no way to get to Cadott, WI.

    If anyone here lives near central MN & would be willin' to do the drivin', I'll buy the 1-day ticket.

    6 bands will be performing!!
    2 smaller bands and.....

    Def Leppard

    If interested, PM me!!!

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    That would be awesome to go too. That lineup is classic!
    In WV but that be amazing for a trip up there. Good luck finding
    someone for that!

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    Asked a few friends, family, & fellow traders....either they said they'd love to, but can't afford it OR I'll have to check my schedule!!! So no true luck thus far!!! :(

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