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    Needing help picking out a phone today

    Any thoughts or opinions? It's between the iphone 4 and the droid incredible 2. I want to be happy because I'll be stuck with it for 2 years. JUST between those 2 phones....... What do you think? I know the iphone5 is coming out, I know there are better droids and even better ones coming very shortly as well, but this is just between these 2 phones, today. Any help or insight from users/owners of these devices would help a lot. Thanks.


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    iPhone 4 all day long ... best phone on the market to date

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeicesterBladex View Post
    iPhone 4 all day long ... best phone on the market to date
    LOL! I just got the droid, I do have 14 days to return it though and would still like to hear some more opinions. I went with the incredible 2 because of the better camera, removable battery, and the apps are free as opposed to apple... Iphone does have a better display, but I didn't see much else that really gave the droid a run for it's money... I also do already have an Ipod touch...... Someone change my mind or give me reassurance in the droid..... Thanks for your input bud.

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