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Thread: MoneyMatt's Success Thread

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    MoneyMatt's Success Thread

    i started about 3 months ago so ill start by posting my success, and then ill continue logging my success. trying to collect the entire 1989 topps set. favorite teams are brewers and we go

    These 2 were in person recently

    These were all TTM

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    Make sure to update the database!

    Nice success!

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    best return ever :)

    oh and mark mcgwire too ;)

    lmk if the pics arent showing up
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    I really like the '89 set as well. Here is a list of players I got on the '89 set:

    Darrin Jackson
    Dave Hengel
    Ed Hearn
    Fernando Valenzuela
    Jim Gott
    Kal Daniels
    Willie Frasier
    Zane Smith
    Luis Rivera
    Mark Davidson
    Scott Bailes
    Shawon Dunston
    Tim Birtsas
    Von Hayes

    All these guys were good signers and quick returns except for Daniels, he took about 6 months. Hope this helps, good luck it is quite an undertaking doing a whole set.

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    2 set hits....bill wegman returned all his keeper cards as well

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    lots of nice stuff in that Mcgwire hopeing my comes back too.

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    2 returns today.

    1st one is chone figgins in about a week and a half from ST

    and the other is a set hit :)

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    another set hit...took roughly 2 weeks from Spring Training

    very happy to have this one.

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