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    yankeesfan1324's TTM Success Thread

    First here are the 2 returns I got before:

    Darnell McDonald 4/4 in around 10 days (3 4x6's not pictured)
    Sent to Iowa Cubs

    Wade Boggs 3/3 to home with no donation in around 7 days

    And the one I got in today:

    Mark Eichhorn 4/4 in 7 days

    If anyone wants addresses for any of the returns I get, tell me.

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    Had my best day yet, doubled my total autos and returns:

    Lenny Linsky, Rays 23 year old pitching prospect. Had really nice stats in the past 2 years and has dropped off some this year, but still not bad. Also has a 0.00 ERA in his last 8.1 IP. 1 Bowman Chrome Prospect card and 2 Bowman base prospects.

    Ron Gant, played with the Braves and Cardinals and many other teams at the end of his career, ended with 321 HR's and 1008 RBI's.

    Andy Benes, former Padres and Cardinals pitcher who ended his career with 155 wins and exactly 2000 strike outs. One of the cards is of him and his brother Alan who played together on the Cardinals. I asked for his brother's address (there was an address on here, but it didn't have any successes and I didn't want to lose a signed card) but instead just got his brother to sign it.

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    Got 1 in today:

    Heath Bell 4/4, for some reason he signed the 2013 Topps on the back. The front has a few purple marks (the sharpie was either purple or a faded blue) but I don't know what that is from. Took around 2 weeks.
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    Hello sir! This is a spring training address. I am sending one to Bell, but I am making sure that you have the right date.

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    I know I sent it within the last 2 weeks, but I do not remember what address I sent it to.

    I would send it to the regular season address, that would certainly work. There is a chance I sent to spring training and they forwarded it to the regular season address, I'm not sure.
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