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Thread: ramman's TTM

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    ramman's TTM

    Three in todays mail....

    Kevin Miller Red Wings signed card
    Partick Eaves Red Wings signed 4x6
    Chad Billingsley Dodgers signed card & signed 4x6

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    Two more today

    Angelo Songco c/o Great Lakes Loons. Dodgers prospect signed 1/1 cards in 9 days

    Ville Leino c/o Philadelphia Flyers Signed my Red Wings Young guns rookie card in 140 days

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    Josh Hull c/o St.Louis Rams signed 4x6
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    Great start, congrats
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    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos
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    Thanks, have been collecting awhile now, just started posting em here. A couple more today.
    Lee Norwood signed Red Wings card and sent his own Red Wings card.
    Hall Davis signed the back of my Rams mini-camp photo

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    Tony Dungy signed my 4x6 photos 1 as a player inscribed Super Bowl XIII AND 1 as Colts coach with Super Bowl inscription.
    Bill Cowher signed 2 4x6 photos
    Charlie Whitehurst signed my card & sent his own. This success took over 900 days!

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    Tim Harris signed Packers card
    Marquis Johnson signed my 4x6 Rams mini-camp photo

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    Sam Bradford too busy to sign letter
    Lew Carpenter lost my card & photo sent his own card signed
    Juan Berenguer signed my Tigers card with $5.00

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    Brian Cavazos-Galvez c/o Great Lakes Loons Dodgers prospect signed my card

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    Dan Cleary Red Wings signed card & 4x6 photo
    Quinn Johnson Packers signed card

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