Pack Sales Rules
1. To claim a pack or packs, all you need to do is post on the thread the amount of packs you would like or the numbers of the packs you wish to claim.

2. Payment is expected as soon as the box sells out, unless it's a presell box, in which case the payment is expected one week before the go live date for the box. However, you may pay at anytime before the due date if you wish.

3. Once the box has sold out (all packs claimed), you are liable for the packs you have requested. By claiming packs, you are agreeing to a trade regardless if you click on the confirm trade button in the trade link.

4. If all the packs are claimed and you need to back out, it is up to you to find someone else to claim those packs. Otherwise, you are expected to pay for the packs.

5. Negative feedback will be issued going forward to anyone who backs out of paying for the packs they have claimed.
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6. Any member who does not have at least 15 feedback or has not been a member for at least 2 months must prepay for their packs in order to claim packs.

Additional rules will be added if necessary...