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    Talking Thought you guys might like to share in my joy!

    I thought you guys might want to share in my fortune. Not to long ago, I bought a box of 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game football of of Yahoo for $20.00 plus $6.00 shipping. I pulled a Mean Joe Green auto and I pulled out this gem. A Tom Landry Cowboys Clippings SP that has a piece of his game worn fedora. It books upwards of $400.00. I don't know if this makes it more special, but my card also has a two colored piece of his fedora. Pretty good return on my investment, I think! I left a picture for you guys since BGray and Iggy helped me figure out how to do it!
    Have any of you other guys got a great pull like this?

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    WOW, now that's what I call a game worn! Nice pull... I bet you'd have no prob selling that!

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    Wow JP that is sweet! I say that as a long time Cowboy fan that thinks Landry is one of the greatest coaches ever! Definitely Cool!

    My best pull was probably when I bought 1 pack of SP Authentic Basektball and got a Steve Francis Rookie FX card. I liked the card quite a bit but I enjoyed the $600 I got for it on ebay even more! ;)

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    I was thinking about putting it up on Ebay, do you think that I would get much for it? I know most cards sell for way under what they book at.

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    i would try to sell it on here and other sites like it first......then go to ebay as a last resort

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    Nice card, Definitely one I wouldn't mind considering the Cowboys are my favorite team (Keep the heckling to a minimum) and Landry my favorite coach. Haven't followed football in a long time though, got more into hockey cards which is to bad as they just don't carry the same bv power that the other three main sports do.

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    I once pulled a Carl Erskine autographed game used jersey from a box of 2001 UD Legends of NY. The last pack I opened, I pulled a Roger Maris game used bat /60 worth $120. Together the pulls were worth $160.00. Not bad for $40 on the box! :)

    Nice Landry pull! Congrats.


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    I think the best return I had was buying a 3 pack bargain package from 7/11. The ones that have 3 packs of an various older products they sell for 5.99 canadian. I pulled a 98/99 QUad diamond Steve Yzerman, Booked at 200.00 that was the greatest return for cost I had.

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    JP... very cool! now cash it in for money before it becomes worthless.

    I thought my Dwight Goodens, Darryl Strawberrys, and Jose Cansecos, and Ruben Sierras would be really valuable some day.

    Now, they're just taking up space.

    lolol (in a painful way)

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