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    does anyone know where I can find a list of all cards made of a player?

    I'm trying to find a site that has a list of all cards made of individual players. I'm especially searching for a cade mcnown and deshaun foster list. If anyone knows of a site where I could find one of these lists, please let me know.

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    If you go to, and pay their $3.50/month, you can get all the cards of one player.

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    Is there any other way? I'd like to find a site with free lists.

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    try doing a search for a player via GOOGLE.COM

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    I couldn't find anything. Does anyone else know where I can find a list?

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    You can do it through when you set up a user ID with them. When you set up your My Collection pages you can search for players to add. It will list all of that players cards if you only input that players name, without years or set names.

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