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Thread: Mailday Thread

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    Mailday Thread

    Since I feel like Im taking took much space posting a new mailday for a few cards every few days Im just going to post in a thread . Whoever is interested in checking out what I got can chime in here :)

    Without further ado, my three recent Ebay pick ups:

    Hot Prospects Notable NewComers Durant RC: (PC)

    Panini Classics Darren Collison RC Auto #/799:

    09 R+S Longevity Kobe Bryant Ruby #/250: (PC)

    Enjoy... and only the Collison is FT

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    Some new cards came in today, along with the Kobe I was so anxiously waiting for.


    All are PC but I may open up the Parish to trade.

    Topps Treasury Kevin Durant:

    Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Scripts for Success Silver Robert Parish Auto #/50:



    Upper Deck Rare Remnants Triple Game Used Kobe/McGrady/Melo #/99:

    Enjoy and hit me up if you like

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    And another Kobe to the PC:

    Totally Certified Blue Kobe Bryant 021/299:

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    Awesome pick ups mate :) Loving all the Kobes !

    Will defoo be keeping my eye on this thread

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    Great photo on that Parish, nice find!!!

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    Thanks guys :)

    Really like the Kobe /Anthony /McGrady triple

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    Got these two in today

    Certified FotG Chris Paul Game Used #/299:

    Certified Totally Red Derrick Rose #/499:

    Enjoy, thats gonna be it for a little while.

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    Since a few of you are interested in the Kobes, here are a few more I have in the collection. Nothing major.

    Hoping to get a Topps Chrome soon as well as a Finest RC

    Upper Deck EMulation Kobe Bryant/Dominique Wilkins Dual GU:

    ZForce Super Boss Kobe Bryant Refractor:

    Topps Gold Label Black Kobe Bryant:

    Crown Royale Kobe Bryant GU:

    Upper Deck SPx Radiance Kobe Bryant 0143/2025:

    Hope you like

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