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    1996 Steve Young QB Club Wrist Watch!

    pic is a little dark, its a mobile photo.

    1996 Quarterback Club Watch by Sun Times Steve Young. This has been mine since I was a kid, I am the only owner. I know it was an expensive item back then, I can not find any others like it of any player or details. I have the original case as well.

    On the back of the watch it says first edition.

    I believe its gold plated.

    Really have no idea what it's worth because there is nothing to base it on, I think it was somewhere in the $75-125 range in 96. They must be rare because I cant find any like it of any player!

    Im asking $80 obo paypal.

    I am a noobie here but have 100% ebay rating BullsFan09 and I'm on 2+2 poker forum with over $20,000 in cash swaps, I played poker semi-professionally until April.


    Pm me offers, would consider trading.

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