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    amazing. Thats what we all want in or hearts, one good card of every great player to ever play the game!

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    Well, been a while since I've updated...but got a fair amount of stuff in since my last post. It's just slowed down...a lot. lol

    Start with potential future HOFers:

    Next...a few extras that I picked up (long story behind the Betheas):

    And a few new RCs for the collection:

    And finally...a few new upgrades. Nothing new...yet:

    Hopefully I'll have some new stuff to show soon...and to get past #245! Thanks for looking!

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    Good evening, everyone! I have finally made it to 246! I couldn't quite afford #247 right now, but happy with picking up one of the hardest to find NFL HOFers. Not the most beautiful thing in the world, but sometimes you go with what you can get. Also got a nice upgrade as well...have a look:

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    Been quite a while since I've posted...and since I have, I've picked up a few nice pieces, including 3 new HOFers to my PC! Puts me up to 249 of the 273 current members and hoping to find #250 before the new inductees are announced.

    First, I'll start with a few players that have a chance of making the HOF someday:

    Still fairly early in his career, but definitely a very dominant corner:

    One of the most unique safeties to ever play the game. (This is my second one...and is likely off to get graded. My other would be available if the right offer came along.)

    And just picked this beauty up. I would love one of his Legendary Silhouettes, but this will definitely do until then...and it's only /5!

    Next, we move onto 3 upgrades since my last post. First, this 1/1 sketch card, upgraded from a Ron Mix Art Card:

    Next, exact card I had before, but a nicer cut:

    And finally can put this player to rest on my collection. Best I'll find color wise, plus a nice inscription and fully on sticker:

    Now...on to the big 3 pick-ups. Two of these I did not plan on buying initially, but I wanted to snag them while I could, just incase they were not released for their HOF set that Panini usually puts out.

    First one...I almost sent back because of the small streak in the auto, but it's not horrible and I do plan to upgrade anyhow if the new ones come out:

    Next is one I could have waited on...but the right price showed up and I couldn't refuse:

    And finally....I posted this in another thread, but definitely worth posting in here. I had a book that was signed by this man, but sadly it could not be repaired in anyway. Only had a 5% chance of making it through without losing the auto along with the marker. Plan on getting it sent into PSA/DNA at some point, just not sure if I want to keep it all together or seperate, but here it is, Steve Owen:

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    A bit behind on my updates...but at least here are my recent upgrades and new HOFers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherminator View Post
    Great additions!
    Thank you, sir. Some I had in the Future HOF PC already, of course, but loved the Curtis Martin I found. Doesn't get much better unless it's a logo. Hopefully I will be able to add something new soon.

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    Great Stuff! Love the HOF PC!!!
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    Two newcomers to my collection!

    First, a very nice upgrade. Could still be upgraded a little, but do like it a lot:

    And last, but certainly not least (and not the cheapest), but HOFer #254!

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