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    Pee Wee Herman talks sports cards ...

    Compiled by Autocentral

    Combat Cardboard: Did you ever collect sports cards as a kid?

    *Dave Herman: I think I had baseball cards when I was real little.

    Combat Cardboard: Did you have a favorite sports card when you were younger?

    *Dave Herman: I never had a favorite.

    Combat Cardboard: Are you surprised MMA trading cards are a "big thing?"

    *Dave Herman: I'm not surprised MMA cards are getting big. I've seen some of them and they look pretty sweet.

    Combat Cardboard: What was you initial reaction to seeing yourself on a trading card?

    *Dave Herman: My initial reaction was, 'why would they want to put me on a card'.

    Combat Cardboard: How much of your input goes into making these trading cards?

    *Dave Herman: I didn't have any input.

    Combat Cardboard: Does the companies provide you with any of your own cards?

    *Dave Herman: I was provided with some, which was cool.

    Combat Cardboard: Does it feel weird to be a on a piece of cardboard that people find value in?

    *Dave Herman: I haven't really thought about it, but yeah, it does feel a little weird now.

    Combat Cardboard: Do you collect your own cards?

    *Dave Herman: I don't really collect, but don't mind signing stuff for people.

    Combat Cardboard: If you could have one person's autograph, who would it be?

    *Dave Herman: I don't really want anyone's autograph, but it is interesting to meet people you see on TV and see what they are really like in person.

    Combat Cardboard: What hobbies, outside of fighting, do you enjoy?

    *Dave Herman: I like mostly anything outdoors and enjoy playing most sports, even if I'm not that good at them. My latest hobby has been flying.

    Combat Cardboard: Who are your favorite fighters to watch or cheer for?

    *Dave Herman: Anyone could be my favorite fighter to watch. Whoever happens to have a really exciting fight on that day, or who does something spectacular.

    Combat Cardboard: What is your favorite fight ever?

    *Dave Herman: I don't have a favorite fight. I just kind of watch randomly.

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    I was SO hoping for the other Pee Wee Herman......

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