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Thread: Best Hobby Box for Your Money

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    Question Best Hobby Box for Your Money

    What would you say is the best football hobby box being sold right now (past year's releases included) as far as the most "hits" for your money? (Hits including autos and relics)

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    most hits for money (well that implies your resale will be good) -Id say topps five star.....all on card autos, awesome design --NT has cool rookie patch autos, but everything else is junk

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    I've had really good luck with 2011 Rising Rookies. They typically sell anywhere from 65-80 bucks a box with a least 4 hits in each box. Decent design for the money. I've hit 2 1/1's in 4 boxes. And I hit a von miller /5 red auto and I hit a dual auto aj green/julio jones /???. I've had really good luck with em.

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