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Thread: Jdiz58 success

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    Jdiz58 success

    I have been collecting IP since I was about 5 years old. I am new to TTM however. I actually send some when I was young, but didn't know what I was doing and never included as SASE! I did actually get a few back though! As a die hard Cardinals fan, I am pumped about this one! I sent a check for $40 c/o Stan the Man, Inc. Don't have pictures of the others yet, but I plan on getting them up at some point.

    Peyton Manning, signed 5x7
    Bobby Doerr, signed 8x10, card, 3x5 of him and Ted Williams
    Woody Williams, signed 8x10 and card
    Bucky Dent, signed 8x10 of his home run and inscribed '78 WS MVP also returned $5 check!
    Bud Selig, signed 8x10
    Andy Benes, signed 2/2 cards

    Also got the following through email
    Mack Brown
    Tom Izzo
    Jerry Kill
    Jack Parker business card

    I have 17 more out right now and I plan on sending more out on Monday!
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    I was trying to upload another photo, but it said something like 'this puts you over the storage limit.' Anyone know what the deal is with that? Thanks!

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    For the email success`, did any of them reply to your email before you recieved the photo? Because I have sent to a few that you listed, and havent heard anything from any of them.

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    Most of them didn't respond to the email.

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    Let's see if this works.....finally got done with my work travel and back to the address where all my autos have been going, so i hope to upload pics.

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    What is the easiest way to upload a pic onto here from your iPad? Thanks!

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    Mike Singletary, great return and very fast as well!
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    Hank Blalock signed 2/2 cards
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    AJ Pierzienski signed 1/1.
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