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Thread: GREAT manning Jsy for trade

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    GREAT manning Jsy for trade

    Hey everybody

    I dont know how many of you have read the post I made before about the manning jsys i pulled outta the 03 platinum

    I have 2 different peyton manning jsys for trade (my deal didnt go down before so they are here now)

    03 fleer platinum alma materials peyton manning jsy(orange swatch)
    03 fleer platinum Patch of Honor TWO COLOR with stitching Peyton Manning Jsy serial numbered 18/220

    THATS RIGHt. Numbered to his jsy number. What a deal :D

    I am asking for about 80 dollars in trade but will definetly flex that total pending what i can get. Both cards will be traded as one lot usless something strange happens

    I will definetly Work with you on value if i can get a favre jsy card outta the deal. But please either post or pm me with offers

    Check out my www for other great cards. Will work with value if a bigger trade is made

    thnx a lot

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    ill give you a warren sapp leaf certified materials jersey 14/21, a corey dillion 2 color jersey hand numbered 91/100, and a 2003 sage jersey willis mcgahee....please let me know as i am a HUGE colts fan...thanks alot, -Ben

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    I have these cards to choose from.
    2000 Revolution Game Worn Jerseys #13 Koy Detmer/726 $15.00
    2001 Bowman's Best #117 Chad Johnson JSY $12.00
    2001 E-X Turf Team #6 Corey Dillon $20.00
    2001 Fleer Premium Suiting Up #14 Todd Pinkston $10.00
    2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Statistical Standouts #SS11 Corey Dillon $12.00
    2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Ground Hoggs #GH35 Marvin Harrison $25.00
    2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Leather and Laces Combos #LL6 Jevon Kearse $40.00
    2001 UD Graded Jerseys #DC Daunte Culpepper $15.00
    2002 Leaf Certified #123 Antwaan Randle El JSY $25.00
    2002 Playoff Honors Honorable Signatures HS34 Justin Smith $12.00
    2002 Topps Super Bowl Goal Posts #SBG2 Kurt Warner $40.00
    2002 Upper Deck Kick-Off Classics Jerseys KODM Donovan McNabb $15.00
    2002-03 UD SuperStars City All-Stars Dual Jersey #BGJS B.Griese/J.Sakic $15.00
    2002-03 UD SuperStars Legendary Leaders Dual Jersey #SSBU S.Sosa/B.Urlacher $40.00
    2002-03 UD SuperStars Legendary Leaders Triple Jersey #JDM Giambi/Bledsoe/Messier $50.00
    2003 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys #GDJ19 Tim Brown $10.00
    2003 Playoff Prestige Gridiron Heritage Materials #GH12 Anthony Thomas $12.00


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    Actually i just got rid of a HUGE sapp jsy lot on ebay not to long ago, Thanks but no Thanks


    That Randel El Card is great. But I really could use a favre jsy outta this. This was a split box and we agreed to get a favre and osmething for me outta this

    Thanks but no thanks
    if you are interested in the alma materials manning though i think we might be able to work something out on that


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