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    Charles Manson handwritten letter ft/fs....Now JSA authenticated


    So I posted this here a while back and no one was interested due to no COA.

    Well I had it authenticated by JSA at the National. It is legit.

    Looking for $1000 sell value on it.

    Here are some pics of it...

    PM me if intrested.

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    Very cool piece. I don't think I could ever have it in my house due to the creepyness factor, but very interesting non the less. Good luck with your sale/trade.

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    Cool piece- I have a check signed by him! It stinks that you can't put it on eBay lol
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    Fine Corcoran State Prison University education there! Major in English?

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    I chuckled at the scratched through misspelling of Scottish. lol
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    Very interesting piece!
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