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Thread: Jeremy_Falcons Success Thread

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    Jeremy_Falcons Success Thread

    My last success thread had many broken links after I improved my bucket. Here are my three latest successes.
    Frank Borman Gemini 7 and Apollo 8 astronaut

    Paul Bucha, Medal of Honor recipient. Vietnam

    Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy

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    So after the long dry spell, I receive three envelopes. The first from Bart Starr came back with a price list. I apparently forgot to enclose my check so that will have to be sent again. I also received a price list from James Lofton after he signed so long for free. $25 dollars for a signed photo? I'll pass. I just spent $5 dollars for shipping to and from my house, and a few bucks for the picture. GRRR!!!!!
    My one success was from Steve Walsh. Thank you sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy_Falcons View Post
    This came yesterday from Ron Cey.
    That looks pretty sweeet!

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    Lofton has been charging for awhile now...I got him for $5 a couple months back, so he's not too strict.
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    I collect Packers, Buckeyes, Indians, Blue Jackets, Anthony Schlegel, and Nikita Nikitin
    R.I.P Stefanie Spielman, Dante Lavelli, Bob Feller, Jack Tatum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy_Falcons View Post
    I got this today.
    Going for Baylor IP next week. I got him TTM 20+ yes ago, but now a new generation (my 11 yr old son) is chasing the players/coaches

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    I received these today.

    Vernon McGarity, WWII Medal of Honor recipient

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    I received two nice successes today.

    Easy Company veteran Ed Tipper

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    These came in on July sixth. Easy Company veteran Roderick Strohl.

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    great pat summitt return. love that pic. well done!

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