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    Starbucks CEO to DC: You've been cut off!

    No more campaign contributions until we reach a legitimate debt plan. While I dislike Starbucks and their cups of recycled urine that they try to pass off as "coffee", this is awesome, and I hope other CEOs join Schultz.
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    Good for him....
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    I actually agree as well. What is this world coming to???
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    I think a huge part of the problem is the fact that people and companies can give politicians money for their campaign. This money basically determines if a person can make the complete run and get elected to whatever office they are seeking. This money isn't donated anonymously and the strings are usually well attached. I feel that campaign finance reform is a must to be able to keep things on the up and up as much as possible. The problem is that the people that control the power to do this are the ones that will be hurt by it as well.

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