Got some new stuff in and looking to make some trades.
The prices listed are my sale prices if anyone wants to buy.
Otherwise, let me know what you're interested in, and we'll go from there.
Thanks for the look.

Lemon auto, $25;
Hi Def Correa, $5;

Mazara autograph, $23;
Gallo SP RC, $10;
1964 Topps NL HR Leaders, $10;
1969 Topps McCovey, $5;
Jenkins auto, $6;
Bench GUd, $6;

Berra patch, $6;
DiMaggio patch, $6;
Maris patch, $5;
Ryan patch, $10;
Snider patch, $2;
Musial JSY, $10;
dual JSY, $6.50;