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    I want to trade SP Auth buyback auto for a Cowboy

    I have a couple autos I want to trade for Cowboys cards :

    2000 SP Authentic ' Buy Back Auto ' Antonio Freeman Ser. # 315/507

    2001 Press Pass ' Class of 2001 ' Chris Chambers auto Ser. # 054/100

    Would like to get an Emmitt GU , or any other player who gets PT

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    chris chambers buy back auto

    The redemption date has passed on the chambers Auto $50 on 6/15/02. there is no guarantee the card could be exchanged. I May be interested for a reduced price. Is this auto from 2001 press pass JE class of 2001 Auto's? E-mail me.

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    The card has been redeemed. It is the autographed card. And the card is 2001 Press Pass SE'Class of 2001' , the JE version is ser # to 200 , this version is ser # 054/100...gotta book more than $50, I just haven't got a current book

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