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Thread: finest pick #2 4 trade/sell

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    finest pick #2 4 trade/sell

    finest red. card pick #2(darko) bv $60 4 trade/sell lmk what u got

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    $25 lmk
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    would you be willing to trade for $25 bv??
    and who do you like??

    let me konw

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    no i would be willing 2 trade $60 bv and i like dajuan wagner and superstar autos

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    sorry i dont have any wagners or auto im just trying to get back int he hobby figuerd a darko rc would be a big step.....
    all i can really offer you would be a d.miles rc #'d to 1999 bv40 and some rcs. do u only want it in basketball ?? iv got some foot ball and baseball gu's nothing big tho .
    let me know

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