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    jersey chat..

    I have a question for people about the japan jerseys and the REAL nhl jerseys do you people really like paying 120 - 150 for a jersey or pay 30 for a jersey i am not sure about the quality about the jerseys I was to do a jersey collection but i do not want to pay big money for jerseys???

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    the quality is just as good depending from where you order the jerseys from some sites have better then others but the fake ones are usually a lighter material but most of the time are dead on and will even come with a fight strap definitely worth the money for the fake one in my opinion unless you have a lot of money to blow =p get 4 or 5 for the price of 1!

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    I bought a Maple Leafs fake awhile back, I forget how much I paid but it wasn't much. I compared it to a friends real jersey, the differences are negligible. As Doria said, mine even has a fight strap. The NHL is battling to eliminate counterfeit jerseys so get one while you still can.

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    I have lots of fakes. Home town team I always get real though. Usually the colours of the fakes are off though so it can stand out in a crowd full of real jerseys.

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    Just gotta hope your package doesn't get intercepted from Customs... I personally can't afford to shell out $299.00 for an authentic NHL jersey... nor am I a fan of paying $170.00 for the cheap looking replica ones they sell at most NHL retailers... I have had much success with jerseys from "China Wholesale" places in the past, but buyer beware, I'm a bigger guy too 6'5" 250ish... I recommend most people go up 1 size from what they'd normally buy as the ones from China seem to run slightly smaller... I go from a 54 to a 56....

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