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Thread: Do you ask for a "fan pack"?

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    Do you ask for a "fan pack"?

    One idea I'm puzzling over. I wanted the feedback of the veterans here.

    Do you get more if you do not ask for a "fan pack"? I think making specific requests for a card or photo of a favorite player or other detail might get you a bit more. I worry that some interns are taught to limit replies to a schedule and 1-2 minimal items if you aren't specific as to WHY you wrote.


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    I kind of drop hints in the email, or letter. Like "I am a big fan of (place player here).." then ask for the fan pack, it's really a choice. there is no right or wrong way to do it.

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    I've tried hinting for certain photo's of players, never any luck though. There probably already pre-packed and just print out a label.

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    well ive put my fav players name on some and actually supported those sides so actually got stuff of the players. ive had teams send me alot of my favourite players stuff like a huge poster, trading cards etc

    it is handy to put a name down they prolly think your a real fan and not a collector doing copy/paste but also you might get alot of stuff on just THAT player only

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