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    (9/11) In memory of the brave heroes and the ones we lost.......

    I just wanted to say that today is hard for me to really be selfish and to see the scenes of that day again 9/11/2001, I will never ever forget that day I was in Kansas City and the first plane had just hit I was in complete disbelief and watched as that morning unraveled! Then a few minutes later a second plane hit the other tower my uncle lived in Greenwich Village New York, Kansas City came to a complete stop and everything was so surreal looking that I didn't know how to feel and what to even begin to feel what was taking place! I called my wife who was in Oklahoma City and I was going to fly and meet up with her that day. I will never ever forgoet this day and I will never ever forget the ones who perrished that day we all were the same we all were brothers and sisters and family that day...............

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    God bless those lost and their families.
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    God Bless them all and all those who gave everything to help! We are truly a strong nation
    And we should never ever forget those all who have sacrificed to give us the freedoms we have and enjoy everyday!

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    Never forget. Never forgive.

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    I miss you Dad (02/07/2016)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeMan12406 View Post
    Never forget. Never forgive.

    No we never should ever forgive or forget!!!!!!!

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    Anger, is still embedded. Just at times, do not know what to say. God bless this great country of ours, and hope something like this is not allowed to happen again.

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