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Thread: Philly INK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanpmeyer View Post
    My local shop has a ton of Giroux McFarlanes for $17.99........ If anyone needs any let me know and I will grab them for you
    The local Toys R Us had a few last night too (Lawrenceville, NJ). $15.99 plus tax. You may find some at one by you too?

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    Went to the Bill Bergey signing today at 1st and goal in the granite run mall. I know people in the past have had horrible luck with Bergey but once again he was as nice as ever! Had a story for every person that walked up to him. Complimented everyone. Like me i wore a custom 66 bergey jersey and he is like that is what im talking about! That just made my day to see that! Talked to me for a few minutes asked me if i knew the QB in the pic he signed for me. And was more than happy to posed photos anyone who asked.

    The only thing i was upset about was with the store which wasn't Brad's fault. I asked him early in the week if they will have 16x20s and he said yes they will have a few. I get to the store and said he never received them in the mail probably because of christmas. Im not too much of a mini helmet person and my fiance was going to harp on me if i bought a mini so i just got an 8x10 which i already have. But can use one as trade bait or sell so... overall a great, quick, painless signing success! Here are the photos...

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    i'd be interested in that Bergey 8x10 you just got, if you do want to trade. PM if there's anything in particular you're looking for or interested in.

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    Merry Christmas everyone. Don't forget Philly INK is selling $3 raffle tickets for a Autographed Bernie Parent Flyers puck to benefit

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    Merry christmas fellas. Hopefully you guys all got some good stuff. Wife hooked it up with a Claude Giroux McFalrane C/L and my bro got me a Harold Charmichael Auto'd 16x20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bishop19 View Post
    as for the McFarlane bases...i currently have 57 NHL signed bases in my collection & they look great displayed open in a courier cabinet (even though i need a bigger cabinet now). i've seen another person get the unopened packs signed (Heatley & Thornton) & in my opinion looked terrible. they're also harder to display that way, plus the plastic yellows over years if you get any kind of sun through windows where you display them. NHL & NBA are easy for autographs. although i never tried NFL or MLB it doesn't look like they would look great with 'rough' bases.
    re-visiting the McFarlane signature question, i finally got around to snapping a few pics of my signed hockey figures. as you can in the pics, if the player signs in the right spot, it can look pretty damn good. once in awhile you get the sig in an awkward position that's hard to see.
    here's the link to my photobucket album:

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    Thats a hell of an auto'd collection. Thanks for making me look bad. Were most of them paid or free?

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    Does anyone have any updated info on the Hershey bears alumni game?? Signings, rosters??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly4for4Fan View Post
    Thats a hell of an auto'd collection. Thanks for making me look bad. Were most of them paid or free?
    Thanks but I wasn't trying to make you look bad...showing off a bit maybe, haha. Actually, I've only paid for 3 I believe. Got the Fuhr signed for $15 from a private signing (got a discount from the normal $25), Marcel Dionne charges $10 TTM & Mikita was his normal $25 TTM (before he got sick). Everyone else were obtained in person(most of the blue & orange sigs) & the rest were TTM. Also had some help from a few from board members on another site I'm on. It's a shame, if have more if I had the bases for some guys I met like Lundqvist, Staal, etc... Those are the ones that haunt me, because who knows when I'll see those guys again. Or the ones i got TTM in black then ended up meeting them like Kesler, Koivu, etc...I also don't waste my time with guys I don't like unless they're superstars (Malkin, Stevens, etc...) or scrubs who should've never gotten a figure to begin with (ahem...Anson Carter)

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    Come out & join us Tuesday Dec. 27th live from Chickie’s & Pete’s on 11000 Roosevelt Blvd with Eagles Wide Receiver Marvin McNutt
    I NEED 02/03 Topps Heritage Calder Cloth cards!!!
    Always looking for signed Philadelphia Sports Illustrateds!
    Have an odd Richie Ashburn item? I might want it!
    Looking for 66-67 Topps Hockey

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