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Thread: Philly INK

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    pretty sure you dont find until day of. you need to be on the spread sheet, then meet up at the event to trade

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    How spread out are the time slots for each ticket? Will I be able to get through every line I have tickets for without help?

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    It's a two hour window for everyone. Gates open at 5, and guys sign from 6-8. They don't announce who is signing at the table until that day. I've gone through seven or 8 tables within the two hours, so it moves quick. In that way, it's like the Flyers Carnival. Don't get in the long Utley line at first, bang out Herndon and Stutes, then go to Utley. At the end, if there are no lines, you can also pay to get graphs, but you can't do this at every table, and have to be lucky. I tried to pay for Oswalt last year at about 7:30 and was told they wouldn't be doing it with him, so i went somewhere else and found out the at 10 of, he was signing again. I'm pretty sure Cyberer was able to pay for Lee last year. I paid for Lidge and Romero, it's like five or ten bucks a pop. Sometimes you can get freebies too, with guys like Amaro, Gillick, Botallico, Dallas Green, ie. organizational guys
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    wait im confused they open at 5 am! wat do you mean bang out guys like herndon and stutes, dont you get 2 tix and that all the autos you can get unless you buy more or trade. we are talking about the phils carnival rigtht because im lost

    also what are grab bags???


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    Some tables, like the ones with Herndon and Stutes, have 2 people at them. Others, like Lee, have one person at them. I'm not even going to address the 5AM comment.
    I NEED 02/03 Topps Heritage Calder Cloth cards!!!
    Always looking for signed Philadelphia Sports Illustrateds!
    Have an odd Richie Ashburn item? I might want it!
    Looking for 66-67 Topps Hockey

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    so wait some guys you dont need a ticket for?
    the only reason i said 5 am was because 10 pm seemed kinda late so....

    so wat you go in get your 2 tix and then you can get some lower end guys without having a ticket

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    Each admission package gets you 2 tix, some people buy multiple packages so the have a bunch of tix. Knock out the scrubs you have tix for first and wait for the lines for the stars you have tix for to thin out bit. After all that you can try offering a cash donation for guys you dont have tix for if their line is short.

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    God bless the people who have done this before and are trying their best to explain it to first timers. I've never been, but I will do my best to spell this event out for people who have never been to it.

    First things first. The gates for the event open at 5 PM. The autographs start at 6 PM and last until 8PM.

    In order to get into the event you MUST buy a ticket for $25. This purchase gives you access to ONLY 2 autograph tables. Tables with less popular players may have 2 people at it. Tables with stars will most likely only have 1 player at them.

    When you enter the venue at 5 PM you will find out whose autographs you can get with the ticket you are holding. At this point you will want to meet up with the people you made the spreadsheet with and swap tickets if you want to get different players than were randomly chosen for you.

    Now that your trading is done, you get in line at the tables that you have a ticket for. Advice so far has been don't wait in a star's line to start the night if you are lucky enough to have their ticket. Instead go to your other line, get through that, then head over to the star's line.

    If you get through your 2 autograph lines and it is not 8 PM yet, your night may not necessarily be done. If players have knocked out everyone in their line and they don't mind sitting around a little longer, the ushers will OCCASIONALLY open the line for $5 or $10 donations depending on the athlete. Remember, this is a MAYBE thing. There are no promises that a player will wait and sign extras for the donations. Additionally, the GM and front office staff MIGHT sign for free if you approach them properly. No promises.

    From what I gather, if this is your first time there be prepared to be overwhelmed. Everyone there wants to wheel and deal you, it isn't below some people to lie to you about their tickets/your tickets to rip you off in a trade. Make sure you have your facts straight when you get in there and don't trust anyone.

    Also, tickets sell out FAST. Like within 5-10 minutes, so you might find yourself paying a premium on Craig's List or Ebay.

    Good luck.
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    only problem at might arise this year is that it is a get away night. they play out of town the next day. so guys might be less inclined to stay and sign after the original lines are done

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    I've always wanted to go to the Phillies fanfest, haven't made it yet.

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