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Thread: Philly INK

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    Quote Originally Posted by DnMcnabb5 View Post
    Bill's is having Bryce Brown next Saturday Dec 15th from 2-3pm. It is $10 presale, $15 the day of the event.

    Im hoping to hit Bryce and Mychal Kendricks on the same day(He is at Pro Image at Montgomery Mall from 1-3).

    Does anyone know the parking situation at Bills? Does he have his own parking or is it street meter parking?

    Parking at bills is street parking. Plenty on the side streets. It's a nieghborhood so no meters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly4for4Fan View Post
    Parking at bills is street parking. Plenty on the side streets. It's a nieghborhood so no meters
    Awesome! Thanks man i just wasnt sure. I hate going into the city for signings because of meters or parking garages. I wasn't exactly sure where this was located and wasn't familiar with the location.

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    anyone see lindsay lohan running around philly? Tabloids say she's around here.
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    check the nearest bar or crack house. Im sure you will find her

    Quote Originally Posted by cyberer View Post
    anyone see lindsay lohan running around philly? Tabloids say she's around here.

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    Went to the MAB show today. I have never seen it packed so much in my life. I guess that is what Utley can do to people.
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    I was at the MAB Show as well today......I was able to sell my Albert Pujols ball, so that's extra Xmas cash. Also picked up a Giroux McFarlane. JTBruds actually bought a few from the same guy for $15.....then he raised the price to $20! I offered him $12 for one and he gave it to me for $15. I went to get Utley on my jersey.....but was kinda skeptical because of my last experience with him. I actually got to chat with Utley today for about 2 minutes and thanked him for what he does with the PSPCA especially Pitbulls. Told him how I am rescuing one now and going through the court proceedings to officially adopt him. He kept asking me questions about the court case and actually thanked me for helping save animals! Pretty cool moment. I went with a friends dad who got his sons Chase Utley painting signed....looks AWESOME! Made some trades with JTBruds......always an honor, thanks Jack!

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    Hey Ryan, I don't know how I missed you today. I was there from about 11 to 2:30 walking around and getting graphs. I was going to buy a Giroux off of that guy, then saw he raised them to 20 Fortunately, the guy in the corner also had them for 15 so I scooped his last one. I got Mulholland on my 93 Phils photo and WS Ball, and then got Kruk on the same photo. I also got Taguchi and Utley on my 08 celebration photo, meaning I'm down to needing Howard, Myers, and Burrell. Steve Smith is the only coach I don't have on it. I was able to get the 2nd Mulholland thanks to Jack and some good luck. Thanks again dude.
    Mulholland was a great dude. We talked for a minute about how the "fun fact" on the back of his 87 Topps was how he pumped gas in the off season. He thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I remembered that, finishing my sentence when I was asking him about it and getting into some more detail on it. I also picked up what I consider to be a sweet Pedro Feliz Riversharks bobblehead for 10 bucks. A fine day overall.
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    Taguchi was super nice; loved his 90 degree bow to the fans when they introduced him; definitely no ™™™™-bow!!

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