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Thread: Philly INK

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    yeah looks like you have to buy a combo ticket for two graphs and one photo

    Quote Originally Posted by slitz View Post
    no autograph only for the prepaids? that ™™™™ing blows

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawgbizkit83 View Post
    so do you pay someone at the beginning of the line then?
    Yes, pay as you enter the line (last year was $20) and you can get 2 autos of each alumni that is there at the time you go through. They rotate in the area through the day with no set schedule, but about 10-15 players are there at a time most of the day. I also recommend to go right away when doors open (with an early admission ticket) because the line gets huge quickly, and usually the bigger names are there early. Clarke is probably the toughest, not sure if he was in the area at all last year, but Parent, Barber, Leach, Watson, Kelly, Schultz, Propp, etc. were all there at the beginning.

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    awesome, thanks for the help. I'll probably do that and then try to hit some of the current players up

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    oof $65 for the prepaids, weren't they $25 last year? that's a major jump, are they saying the photo is a $40 value? personally i don't really care about the photos, i'm not gonna display pics of my ugly mug all over the house.
    i think i'll make the effort to wait out the alumni line this year since most of these current guys have awful sigs anyway.

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    so stoked!

    Bryz is open! so i may snag him. and i have a ton of small guys i'd like to get

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    The carnival becomes more and more confusing and unorganized every year. I've gone just about every year since 87 and it gets worse every year. I may just buy a late admission and a Giroux ticket then leave if I even go this year. It's pretty bad when a local promoter can get the guys on your team and its cheaper to go to them than the actual carnival

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    I just got this email from the flyers. Did anyone else get it?? "Welcome back flyers fans! We want to show our appreciation to you by holding the annual flyers wives carnival on march 3rd. To show our appreciation, we have changed our prices. We are now jacking autograph prices up to 20 dollars a pop, and if you want a presold autograph from briere giroux hartnell, or the schenn brothers, you are forced to buy an auto/photo ticket for 75! Thanks for your support! We may consider selling 1 dollar ice cold hot dogs again as well! "

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    I still love the carnival because I like getting the little guys..

    also jack did you see my message a few pages back?

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    6 sounds good
    Quote Originally Posted by bjd624 View Post

    I still love the carnival because I like getting the little guys..

    also jack did you see my message a few pages back?

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    i'm sure its a long shot but if anyone is hitting the giroux line and not using both autographs, let me know and we can work something out. i just need the mcfarlane base

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